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Case Study | Banking and Finance

Winning with Qyrus

Increase speed to market and improve test coverage. 75% cost savings compared to previous testing. 85% time saved in validation cycles.

About the Client

This client is a UK specialist bank serving consumer and business customers with savings, personal loans, business, and property finance. Currently, the bank holds £6B in savings and £7B in lending balances that have been growing at double digits for the last several years. Comprehensive codeless Web and API testing enabled substantial improvements in customer experience and journeys for online savings and lending applications.

Client Challenge

A robust testing infrastructure was required to maintain and monitor desired application functionality and deliver a superior customer experience. The bank was spending large amount of money and person-days working to validate changes and new features based upon their requirements. They struggled to validate their customer experience across multiple browsers which meant duplication of effort while features were delayed and bugs were released into production. The client was looking to efficiently automate testing and accelerate the timelines for feedback upon new builds throughout the development process and turned to Quinnox to develop and implement efficient test automation for Web and APIs.

The client looked for a tool that could help with the development of new systems as well as the modification of existing processes in place. Ultimately, they used Qyrus, a proprietary AI-powered test automation platform. As part of the shift left quality strategy, Qyrus supported aggressive release timelines and automated regression testing in a complex environment without compromising the stability of business processes.

Qyrus Solution

Quinnox performed extensive analysis and helped the client seamlessly automate testing of savings account activities, customer due diligence, onboarding process and transform its lending platform, customer lifecycle, and financial crime investigations. The bank was able to complete all of the required deployments with remarkable ease. Using the Web, API, and Cross-Browser testing capabilities of Qyrus, they saw a time savings of 85%.

The outcomes include:

  • Faster Feedback
  • Increased Velocity and Quality of Releases
  • Broader Test Coverage
  • Increased Reusability
  • Substantial Effort and Cost Reduction

As a result of this effort, the bank realized a net savings of $287,000 (~ £220,000), a 75% improvement. Furthermore, there was a reduction in person-days from 2,450 to 325, an 85% improvement overall. Just in 2021, Qyrus’ automated testing solutions enabled the client to prevent over 2500 bugs from leaking into production and additionally within the automation test coverage zero bugs were leaked to production.

Today, upon new build cycles, tests on Qyrus are automatically triggered through a Jenkins pipeline – powered by a Qyrus native plugin. When defects are found, testers are easily able to log the defects in Jira which contain screenshots, videos, and performance profiling metrics of the tests. The client then has immediate feedback on the functionality and performance of their applications. This empowers the firm to deploy changes to production with confidence!

Qyrus continues to grow its partnership with the client as it expands into testing mobile applications, performance testing, and integrating with test management solutions such as XRay.

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