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Case Study | Retail Bank

Winning with Qyrus

Increased speed to market and improved test coverage. 50+ devices on the device farm. 100+ tests executed daily.

About the Client

Comprehensive codeless testing enabled substantial improvements in customer journey and experience across web and mobile applications. The client is a retail bank that boasts over 4500 employees across more than 290 branches and a trusted customer brand that offers full-service banking to upwards of five million plus customers with $1.33 billion in revenue. Furthermore, they operate on a modern banking platform and serve their customers through digital channels like on native iOS and Android applications. On top of that, they also offer personal and business banking options in-person at their branches.

Client Situation

A robust testing infrastructure was required to monitor and maintain desired application functionality and deliver a superior customer experience. The client required a reliable partner while undergoing a scaling process dedicated to enhancing customer experience across web and mobile applications through automation alongside a potential solution to specific data storage and security challenges.   

Client Challenge

An outdated test infrastructure lacking proper collaborative and reporting capabilities led to unnecessary and redundant testing. Furthermore, the prior manual application testing methods reduced efficiency by taxing substantial resources including testers and time to combat growing requirements creating a bottleneck within product release cycles. Becoming costly and lengthening time to market, speed of automation was an immediate challenge. 

The client specifically required an automation artifact that could be triggered from an existing CI pipeline and produce reports to the same pipeline as to maintain the stability and efficiency of existing business processes.

Banking is known to be a customer centric industry, digital banking being no exception to the standard. The client was in need of an efficient testing platform to test User Interface and application functionality producing high-quality applications that provide exceptional user experience.

Qyrus Solution

In phase one, the team focused on application testing requirements and began to automate test scripts across web and mobile applications. This highlighted user interface and functionality scripts like logging in, verifying balances, making deposits, taking withdrawals, performing transfers, and other user interface consistencies across applications.

With cloud hosted reports displaying step by step screenshots, video recordings of the execution, and actual versus expected outputs, the client was able to efficiently test customer journeys focusing on enhancing user experience. Qyrus enabled 90% test case coverage across a multitude of use cases over both web and mobile applications where 100% of the tests created were fully automated and reusable.

With a range of real Android and iOS devices for mobile testing alongside browsers like Chrome, FF, and Safari and operating systems across Windows, Linux, and Mac for web testing, Qyrus expanded test case coverage and provided a comprehensive, scalable, and secure infrastructure option. This success has led the client to increase the scale of testing to over 50 devices on the Qyrus device farm with hundreds of tests executed daily ensuring a high-quality experience for customers across a range of environments. 

Qyrus enables detail-oriented, efficient, and expansive testing which leads to high-quality development and reduced time to market utilizing a scalable and secure platform.

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