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Case Study | Waste and Recycling

Winning with Qyrus

Increase test coverage and reduce execution time. 10x increase in test coverage. 40% reduction in test execution time. 4,500 unique test cases created in less than 3 months.

Client Situation

Fast, agile, and dynamic testing enables high quality waste management services.

Fortune 500 North American leader in with garbage collection, recycling pickup, and waste disposal services with extensive requirements in field service monitoring and organization (collection trucks and drivers), inventory management (garbage & recycling centers), and supply chain distribution and logistics.

The client required a dynamic and comprehensive testing solution for all of these integrated business processes. This included real-time data transfer, display, and results while ensuring an intuitive, seamless user interface with accurate, high quality application experience.

Client Challenge

Substantial time and resources were spent using outdated testing methods and managing unpredictable API responses resulting in inaccurate testing and insufficient test coverage.

The client was undergoing a digital transformation dependent on API functionality. Things targeted specifically include dynamic data transfer, processing, and validation alongside robust reporting for simple integration of testing and results into development and deployment cycles.

Without an automated framework, extensive resources including testers and time were being allocated to manual testing of applications and code. Lack of automation was not only costly, but delayed sprints ultimately increasing resources spent, time to market, and delaying critical releases to the field organization.

The client needed an intuitive, codeless, and automated solution to manage and deliver repeatable testing in the initial stages of the development process. The testing solution should also enable the creation of high quality applications and efficient sprint cycles while reducing time to market and lowering costs.

Qyrus Solution

Simple, smart, and scalable test automation.

Qyrus enabled the client to substantially improve their testing lifecycle by leading an operational transformation constructing API-led workflows, validating test results, and reducing test execution time by 40%.

By introducing essential reporting including automated testing metrics into testing environments, the client team built robust test scenarios across SOAP and REST APIs to enhance functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Using the platform, the client team was able to validate over 400 endpoints. This included utilizing synthetically generated data to ensure application functionality across various scenarios and environments. All in all, over 4500 unique test scenarios were built to test data exchange across 80 enterprise applications.

Utilizing Qyrus, the client was able to test dynamic data transfers while validating test results, identify and categorize failure reports, inconsistencies, and production defects, simulate concurrent user clicks to test API performance across environments, and seamlessly integrate these results and findings into previously established Continuous Testing (CT) pipelines.

Qyrus’ intuitive test building and integrations enabled the client to create and execute more tests in less time and substantially increase test case coverage by 10x. With robust reporting and metrics, inconsistencies were quickly identified sooner taking a shift left in the testing process reducing testing time, and ultimately time to market.

Today, Qyrus continues to grow its partnership with the client, expanding API testing capabilities to another internal trucking application. Furthermore, the client is integrating Qyrus into Mobile and Web application testing infrastructures, testing driver and service center applications using custom tables.

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