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100+ Years of Software Testing Experience 

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Our Team

Meet the team

  • Ravi Sundaram

    Ravi Sundaram

  • Rekha-Raj

    Rekha Raj

    President & Country Manager – India
  • Ameet Deshpande

    Senior Vice President of Product Engineering
  • Somnath Chakraborty

    Somnath Chakraborty

    Senior Vice President – Head of UK & Europe
  • Vidhyashankar Ganapathy

    Vidhyashankar Ganapathy

    Senior Vice President – Demand Generation
  • Ruzbeh Melhi Parbhoo

    Ruzbeh Melhi Parbhoo

    Senior Vice President – Advisor Relations
  • Rajesh N. Joshi

    Rajesh N. Joshi

    Vice President & Financial Controller
  • Raoul Kumar

    Director of Platform Development & Success
  • Vijay Kumar Gurram

    Vijay Kumar

    Senior Manager – Professional Services
  • Jelena Jovic

    Jelena Jovic

    Senior Manager – Digital Marketing
  • Shane Hatheway

    Shane Hatheway

    Senior Manager – Sales
  • Robert Burns

    Robert Burns

    Senior Manager – Sales
  • Sai Prasad T.N.

    Manager-Cloud Engineering & SRE
  • Anush B.M

    Anush B.M

    Manager – Backend Engineering & Architecture
  • Anuradha Neeraje

    Anuradha Neeraje

    Manager – UI Engineering & UX
  • Daniel Moctezuma

    Daniel Moctezuma

    Lead Consultant – Mobility Platform
  • Suraj Patel


    Lead Account Executive
  • Timothy Miller

    Timothy Miller

    Senior Consultant – Sales Engineer
  • Adhiraj Pathak

    Senior Consultant – Sales Engineer
  • Parth Patel

    Parth Patel

    Senior Consultant – Client Success

Discover Our Story

Qyrus receives its name from the ancient Greek words “Caerus” or “Kairos.” In Greek mythology, Caerus was the god of luck and opportunity. In the language, “kairos” means “the right, critical, or opportune moment.”

Similarly, we seek to do just that: provide the right opportunity for businesses to accelerate the growth of their product. Coming from humble beginnings, we want to push the boundaries of software automation testing.

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Your Partner in Delivering the Best Software Testing Experience

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