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Codeless, automated, AI and ML driven Mobile Testing Solution

Improve mobile application quality while increasing efficiency and reduce time to market.

Mobile Testing Solutions

  • Quickly run application tests by connecting a live device depicting the test execution in real time
  • Use the Qyrus mobile recorder to navigate from recording dozens of steps in minutes to editing the most intricate step details in one click
  • Out of the box reporting for automated tests includes screenshots, videos, assertions, and performance profiling
  • Ensure AI driven script correction upon flakiness, brittleness, element shifts, and UI changes

  • Manually test applications across various Android and iOS devices and receive advanced reports including screenshots, videos, and performance profiling
  • Execute existing automated test scripts on the Qyrus device farm and as a result benefit from our advanced reporting capabilities

  • Visually test application specifics to identify and mitigate user interface app issues alongside usability issues in mobile applications
  • Execute Rover on new releases to quickly determine changes in the application
  • Seamlessly convert Rover output into mobile automation tests for faster test building and more comprehensive test coverage
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Testing Application on Smartphone
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Testing Application on Smartphone

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Qyrus solutions integrate with your continuous integration ecosystem

Log evidence and track defects found during testing straight to your defect management tool. Spend less time managing and more time building great software. 1
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Connect Qyrus to your continuous integration tools and seamlessly automate workflows and various builds to maximize efficiency.

Azure DevOps

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“Our quality of testing increased with Qyrus Web testing”

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A Leading UK Challenger Bank
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“Qyrus helped us drastically improve our internal testing process”

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Digital Silk
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“Ideal for short sprint app cycles”

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“Qyrus addresses all of our testing needs as a consumer bank”

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Head of Release & Change
A Leading UK Challenger Bank
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“Qyrus Web testing allows us to test end-to-end processes in an integrated fashion”

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Chief Technology Officer
A Leading UK Challenger Bank
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“Our time for repetitive tests reduced significantly”

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