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Streamline App Go-To-Market Time With Device Farm

Optimize real-world performance and ensure outstanding user experiences for your apps – the customizable Qyrus Device Farm is ideal to simplify your efforts

Device Infrastructure Solutions

  • Expand your test environment with on-demand access to real mobile devices, platforms, and browsers
  • Get class-leading security with the ISO 27001/SOC 2 compliant test cloud that thousands of customers bank on
  • Access an accurate and low latency mobile device farm that is backed by our 99.9% real device availability promise
  • Gain extensive mobile app testing capabilities across Android, Windows, and iOS device farm environments
  • The only company to provide dedicated devices for your testing needs.

  • Create instant mobile device farm test environments that are backed by AI-augmented real-time dashboards
  • Explore unlimited test case generation possibilities with Rover AI’s deep reinforcement learning capabilities
  • Enable autonomous exploratory testing to consistently deliver high-quality apps
  • Optimize your app in real-time with the power of AI

  • Unlock end-to-end coverage with the all-in-one Quality Management Platform from Qyrus
  • Ease mobile device farm integration with the Qyrus platform’s advanced features
  • Tweak your test scripts with features like network throttling, biometrics (beta), SDK, and CI
  • Accelerate optimization with test result caching and roll out device labs faster using Qyrus’ Codeless Approach
  • Eliminate setup and maintenance windows with a subscription-based device farm pricing model
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Qyrus solutions integrate with your continuous integration ecosystem

Log evidence and track defects found during testing straight to your defect management tool. Spend less time managing and more time building great software. 1
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Connect Qyrus to your continuous integration tools and seamlessly automate workflows and various builds to maximize efficiency.

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