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AI-Powered Software Testing

Utilize AI and ML tools to automatically identify and fix test scripts, comprehensively test Mobile applications, and analyze test data

AI Software Testing

  • Visually test application specifics to identify and mitigate user interface app issues alongside usability issues in mobile applications
  • Visually test user interface, with robust web formatted or flipbook reports
  • Seamlessly convert Rover output into mobile automation tests for faster test building and more comprehensive test coverage

  • Healer, a patented, state-of-the-art service that predicts the locators of elements on a webpage, even when they change
  • Unlike other healing solutions, Qyrus Healer doesn’t work on probability, but instead, tries the solution and suggests the ones (solutions) that work
  • Predict the new locators based on information about the correct locators for an old, unchanged page, saving significant time and effort
  • Boast a high accuracy rate in its locator predictions, making it a reliable tool for navigating and interacting with webpages
  • Navigate complex webpages and automate software testing processes using Healer’s patented algorithm of predicting the locators of elements on a webpage

  • World’s first AI plugin that leverages ChatGPT for Web app testing
  • Identify the functionality and domain of an app based on its URL using the AI plugin
  • Create tailor-made test scenarios for optimal coverage
  • Execute tests using Qyrus Test Cloud, in real-time, providing instant results
  • Unlock the power of QyrusTestPilot and supercharge your web app testing journey

  • The QyrusTestForge extension, is a powerful tool that facilitates the creation of unit tests for any programming language
  • Leverage the capabilities of large language models to analyze code files and generate relevant unit tests
  • Support unit test generation for any programming language, making it a versatile tool for developers working with different languages
  • Utilize advanced natural language processing techniques to intelligently create unit tests that cover different aspects of the code
  • Generate tests with a simple action using the command “Run Qyrus Test Forge for this file
  • Ensure flexibility to modify and customize the generated unit tests to suit the developer’s specific requirements
  • Provide developers with a seamless testing experience, allowing them to focus on writing quality code

  • NOVA, a forefront of test automation innovation, reads JIRA tickets and analyzes the requirements mentioned to automatically generate functional test scenarios and ensure the delivered functionality matches expectations
  • Seamlessly integrate NOVA in Agile cycles to ensure every sprint’s requirements are accurately translated into test scenarios
  • Use NOVA to generate revised test scenarios, ensuring thorough testing of modified functionalities
  • Ensure teams work in tandem, with developers updating JIRA tickets and testers receiving auto-generated test scenarios

  • Bridge the gap between traditional programming and keyword-driven testing using no-code TestConverter
  • Seamlessly convert your behavior-driven tests to Qyrus format with full support for Gherkin/BDD/Glue Syntax
  • Ensure versatile language support like JAVA, Python and framework compatibility like POM for flawless conversion
  • Switch between Qyrus and coded tests as needed for enhanced flexibility
  • Easily shift between different test methodologies without compromising on quality
  • Convert verbose coded tests to more readable Qyrus steps or vice versa based on your project’s evolving needs

  • Data Amplifier, a tool designed to simplify and enhance the software testing process by providing amplified data generation capabilities
  • Quickly generate vast amounts of data in desired formats for efficient parameterized testing
  • Ensure that generated data is consistent in structure and format across multiple tests, thereby reducing anomalies
  • Generate specific data sets to test various input fields, including boundary testing, special characters, and more
  • Amplify your data to simulate high loads and understand the breaking points of your software and databases
  • Seamlessly use generated data with Qyrus Testing Services

  • Waldo, an innovative service that leverages the power of image recognition to interact with elements on a screen
  • Use Waldo’s advanced image recognition algorithms to locate identical or similar elements on the screen that match the uploaded image
  • Perform a variety of customized actions on identified elements as instructed by the user

  • The Qyrus API Discovery helps you to go onto your web application and record all the API calls happening just for your business use case
  • Get an explanation of what a particular API call does, without relying on the API documentation provided by developers
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Qyrus API Testing service
  • Find relations between APIs and convert those to processes
  • Export the APIs as test and the relations as process to Qyrus for regressive testing
  • Generate assertions to battle test APIs
  • Just sit back and hit “Record”

  • SAGE, a revolutionary Conversational BOT Testing Platform that leverages AI models to automate and enhance the testing of chatbots
  • Automate testing process, significantly increase testing coverage, and identify potential pitfalls with SAGE
  • Provide developers with the conversations generated during the testing phase, which can be directly fed into the bot framework for re-training
  • Get a detailed analysis of the bot’s performance and a list of conversations where the bot failed
  • Shorten the development cycle with iterative process of bot improvement

  • Discover the power of data-driven decision-making with our Insights & Analytics service
  • Gain valuable insights on the speed at which tests are created and executed
  • Understand usage patterns by uncovering which Operating Systems and browsers are being used the most
  • Visualize the ratio of tests passing vs failing, giving you a clear understanding of the overall health of your application
  • Understand the common failure points in your tests by analyzing the reasons for test failures
  • Track the test’s effectiveness and the application’s stability with failure rate progress
  • Improve user experience by getting insights into how your application is performing on different browsers
  • Leverage Insights & Analytics to drive your testing strategy

  • Domain Understanding, a game-changer feature in the realm of application testing
  • Seamlessly integrate and comprehend content from varied sources such as PDFs, user guides, and documentation
  • Delve deep into contextual and relevant answers for any question pertaining to the application
  • Generate dynamic test scenarios that mirror real-world usage and requirements
  • Enjoy the accuracy and relevance of test steps, curated uniquely for each application, ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Ensure relatability and relevance that stems from a deep understanding of the specific domain
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