Frequently Asked Questions

Automation & Execution

What happens to my existing automation scripts?

Qyrus allows users to run existing automation scripts using Qyrus as a framework and utilizing our reporting capabilities.

Can executions be ran in parallel?

Yes, users can run executions in parallel.

Does Qyrus have a recorder tool?

Yes, Qyrus has both a web and mobile recorder that streamlines the process of creating tests for users.

Can I schedule executions be done at a later time or date?

Yes, Qyrus allows users to schedule executions ahead of time to be ran hourly or even daily.

Device Farm

What devices are available on the Qyrus Device Farm?

If there is a need for a specific device, Qyrus will appropriate it for the client. Both iOS and Android devices are available.

Are the devices real?

Yes, all of our devices are real, physical devices that is securely held in our device farm.

Does anybody else have access to my device?

No, your device is only accessible by you and your company. *Not for FREE tier/version.*

Does Qyrus allow me to get live remote access to a device?

Yes, Qyrus allows you to remote in and interact with the device live on the platform.


Does Qyrus integrate with...?

You can view all of our integrations on our Integrations page.

Can Qyrus be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, Qyrus can be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline. View our documentation on the platform for more information.

Does it cost extra to integrate?

No, it does not cost the user any extra to integrate with other 3rd party tools and applications to make their testing easier.

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