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3 ways to Enhance Test Data Management with Qyrus

Data imports from external sources delay test building and execution of roadmaps. Test speed takes a further hit with mix-and-match approaches for synthetic data generation. This can become a significant challenge soon since synthetic generation will account for 60% of test data in requirements like analytics or AI by 2024.

Consolidation of fragmented data siloes is key to improving test data speed. Capabilities to synthetically generate data at runtime will bolster such capabilities. This is where you can simplify your environment using Qyrus’ smart test data management tools.

Qyrus puts an end to the jugglery associated with discrete third-party test data management tools. Consolidate and manage your test data from a single location with Qyrus.

The proven Low Code/No Code Qyrus platform ensures faster test building, execution, and coverage. Enable your teams to simplify test data management without compromises on the scale.

For instance, the intuitive Qyrus interface helps you to easily import data from a database or use an API call. Complement your testing processes with the effortless generation of synthetic test data during runtime.

Now, your developers can easily create sample tests to proactively resolve bugs in the pre-testing phase. The AI-powered solution from Qyrus also eases maintenance with its single-stop test management approach.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn about:

  • Generating, amplifying, and fetching data from your test databases
  • Data amplification for generating synthetic data
  • Importing data from external databases or AP
  • Class leading test data management tools
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