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API Testing: Fastest Way to Shift Left

February 6, 2023

Did you know that more than 50% of development efforts across organizations are taken up by APIs? Source

The API testing market will be worth USD 1.56 billion in 2022, and exhibit a CAGR of 18.97 per cent between 2023 and 2032. Source

While there is no doubt that API investments remain strong, and the API testing market is growing rapidly, API testing might not be a top priority for organizations as they cannot address its complexities.

Their API testing strategy is unable to shift left, which leaves APIs just short of becoming a strategic asset. Organizations must move to an automated API testing approach to accelerate the API testing process and ensure various stakeholders can identify bugs early on in the development cycle.

In this e-book, we discuss the various API testing challenges that stop an organization from moving to shift left testing and how an automated approach to API testing helps address these challenges.

This e-book also covers:

  1. The Importance of the Shift Left Approach to Testing
  2. Testing Complexities that Act as a Barrier to the Approach
  3. Addressing Complexities with Automated API Testing
  4. How Qyrus Supports API Testing Efforts?
  5. Tangible Results from Qyrus
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