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Refine QA Processes with Qyrus’ Automated Visual Testing

Ever-shortening release cycles create QA concerns, especially in continuous deployment. Visual testing is a case in point. Older visual regression testing methods cannot ensure UI consistency and user experiences in Web apps.

Diagnose visual bugs at the onset with automated visual testing tools from Qyrus. Our AI-powered platform seamlessly adds visual testing to your functional Web tests, allowing timely detection of UI imperfections or inconsistencies across releases.

For example, Qyrus’ visual regression testing features can detect screen changes, bad color schemes, or alignment issues across versions in real-time. Users need to upload images for comparison against baseline screens. One can also improve accessibility with validation against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1).

Ensure great user experiences with just a checkbox in Qyrus’ functional Web testing workflow. Or leverage our natural language interface to create comprehensive tests. Augment these capabilities with test manuals. Empower your shift left efforts with the comprehensive Qyrus Software Testing platform.

In this session of The Qyrus Test-pert, join Hemanth Sharma and learn how to:

  • Use automated visual testing for the proactive detection of visual bugs
  • Leverage visual testing application tools across updates and releases
  • Optimize visual regression testing across multiple browsers and resolutions
  • Improve accessibility testing with Qyrus’ extensive feature set
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