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Codeless Testing: The Future of Automation Testing

Automated testing is becoming an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and is gaining importance as time goes on. In Agile development, releases entail executing a multitude of test cases and other downstream actions. However, for projects that require a rapid release cycle, setting up test environments, allocating resources, creating test scripts, and numerous other factors can cause a time-intensive process all while trying to keep pace with development. To add to the problem, existing tools for test automation typically include a steep learning curve often involving advanced programming proficiency. This, however, defeats the whole purpose of automation – creating less of a burden on testers and shortening the test phase in the SDLC. Fortunately, codeless testing automation can effectively address these shortcomings.

How does codeless testing work?

Codeless automated testing means creating, executing, integrating, and maintaining tests and accompanying processes without writing any code. The basic idea behind it is to abstract these processes through an intuitive UI coupled with a keyword/taxonomy-driven methodology. The codeless model promotes broader participation across tester, developer, and business analyst personas. Among the tactical benefits?

  • Early team collaboration
  • Modular design
  • Easier testing
  • Increased test coverage
  • Flexibile maintenance
  • Resilient regression packs
  • Test reusability

However, the usefulness of the platform erodes if they cannot handle complexity, cross-platform processes, omnichannel requirements, easy CI/CD integrations, or scaling test infrastructure. Using the right product and processes, testers, developers, and business analysts can push efficiencies beyond the traditional scripting and maintenance activities. DevOps is still considered a challenge for many organizations, and more often than not if one follows the inefficiencies in the pipelines they are brought back to test coding, test flakiness, and/or script maintenance challenges. Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and abstracting coding will yield time that is better spent automating the end-to-end processes.

Benefits of Codeless Testing

The codeless platform extends well beyond simple record and replay and taxonomy-driven automation. Self-healing tests address flakiness and brittleness of scripts and natural language voice and text interfaces have transformed test scripting into a conversation. Using these approaches, the timeline to design, script, execute, and maintain functional test has dramatically reduced. Add to that layers of performance and exploratory testing, and the codeless platform becomes an all-inclusive one. What used to be days and hours are often minute and seconds, and because the testing participants and reusability have increased, code coverage and test coverage also increase.

Qyrus is your safe bet.

Qyrus solves sluggish testing – the Achilles heel of digital transformation – where quality is not in step with organizational agility.

Qyrus is an on-demand SaaS codeless automated testing platform that deploys machine learning algorithms, an intuitive user experience, and a collaborative codeless approach to test automation.

What makes Qyrus different?

  • Deliver codeless self-healing and predictive automated testing
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming custom frameworks, test infrastructure
  • Exponentially reduce the time and effort in regression testing
  • Support for Web, Mobile, API, and Omnichannel testing using integrated browser and device farms

To summarize, Qyrus enables development and testing teams to produce higher quality products and an exceptional user experience all done quickly and efficiently. It helps maximize human ingenuity and minimize unnecessary dependencies across the SDLC, limit human error all while stimulating collaborative working models. It increases in scale when the need arises, decreases operating and testing costs, and enables teams to focus on high-value strategic tasks and growth.

If there is a need for a simple, smart, secure, and scalable platform for testing, consider Qyrus.

To learn more, visit us at https://qyrus.com/ | marketing@quinnox.com.

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