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Deploy Component-based Test Automation for QA Efficiency

Software testing that focuses on individual aspects like Web, mobile, and APIs, will often fall short in the assessment of omnichannel functionality. Component-based test automation is essential to deliver consistent user experiences across customer connect channels in such cases.

For instance, a customer might track an order placed on the website using the mobile app (or vice versa) in an omnichannel business model. Component system testing seamlessly validates these cross-browser and cross-platform functionality aspects to ensure optimal customer journeys.

Existing end-to-end functionality testing approaches often miss many CX issues since these use a hotchpotch of point solutions, complex configurations, and custom code. This is where Qyrus’ comprehensive platform differs from the competition due to its one-stop-shop architecture. Qyrus guarantees top-notch customer experiences with its automated business process testing features.

Discover seamless component-based test automation possibilities with Qyrus’ AI-powered management and extensive reporting capabilities. Our no-code approach and self-healing capabilities simplify end-to-end functional testing for testers, developers, and business analysts. Qyrus enables visualization of the entire business process testing lifecycle—at a step-by-step level.

Higher collaboration levels and conformity with component test standards are a natural outcome with Qyrus. For example, developers can build dedicated components to test apps, while the QA team stitches these together for seamless business flows. Powerful reporting across development and deployment cycles means that business analysts can analyze these reports to run component system testing variations.

In this session of The Qyrus Test-pert, join Anush B M to learn how you can:

  • Improve functional testing quality in omnichannel ecosystems
  • Enhance user experiences using component system testing
  • Simplify app testing in an end-to-end manner with Qyrus
  • Reuse existing scripts with component-based test automation
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