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Busting 5 Testing Myths with Facts and Automation

Software testing myths are common in many teams. For example, your key stakeholders might feel that software testing is an unnecessary, time-intensive expense. Or your peers may think that tests are required only at the end of the SDLC.

API testing is a case in point. Our recent survey indicates that 78% of businesses consider API testing to be a highly complex process. Such testing myths negatively impact project outcomes and the resultant ROI. The prevalence of such can be a setback for the entire software testing lifecycle. In this e-book, we examine actual software testing facts to dispel such concerns.

Advances like codeless automated testing eliminate the complexities and resource-intensive nature of legacy software testing models. It is possible to reduce test execution times by 40% using the Qyrus codeless test automation platform.

Our e-book presents a detailed overview of the myths and facts of software testing. It also offers takeaways to:

  • Reduce software testing lifecycle costs and complexity
  • Enhance software testing with codeless test automation
  • Boost test efficiency and coverage
  • Roll out unique test cases in a faster manner
  • Realize the need for agile DevOps environments
  • Increase collaboration to achieve goals of software testing

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