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Optimize QA Results with Healer – AI Testing Automation Tool

Flakiness, brittleness, and fragmentation—these are testing nightmares even for veterans. Failed tests usually translate to substantial time spent on script refactoring and maintenance. Self-healing test capabilities can seamlessly mitigate test brittleness or the probability of a breaking test.

Ensure the fastest time to market for your software with Qyrus Healer – AI testing automation tool. Right from Web app functionality tests to automatic updating of element shifts, Healer brings immense QA possibilities. Healer’s rich feature set enables real-time test script monitoring and modifications.

A breaking test can recover from failures in microseconds when Healer comes into the picture. That too, with accuracy of more than 99.9%.

Requirements like updates of locator element changes in apps gain significantly from Healer’s avant-garde capabilities. AI-enabled test script correction means that Healer learns on the go without advance training on your application.

The Healer – AI testing automation tool is ideal to effortlessly avoid test brittleness, a capability which is further supplemented by Qyrus’ no code capabilities. It puts an end to worries about integrity of element attributes or flakiness in tests. This means that test processes stay ahead of code refresh and update cycles.

Advanced AI algorithms of Healer even account for the structural and visual attributes of every page element. For instance, Healer can intelligently identify element changes across the application lifecycle. Updated locator values are then used to ensure that your test script stays relevant.

In this session of The Qyrus Test-pert, join Rohith R Nair to learn how to: 

  • Rapidly improve test automation reliability and ship faster
  • Save time spent fixing flakiness and test brittleness
  • Streamline testing automation and test resources
  • Automatically recreate a breaking test script’s functionality
  • Dynamically diagnose and update element changes
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