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Feature Friday: Explore the Magic of Qyrus’ API Builder

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Hey there, curious minds! Ever heard of Qyrus’ API Builder? Let Tim and Adhi from the Qyrus team fill you in! It’s like having your own personal API magician! Just give it a description of the APIs you need to have mocked, and voila! It cooks up APIs faster than you can say “testing!” This tool is a game-changer for testers, saving precious time and effort. So, grab a coffee, sit back, and let Qyrus’ AI-powered API Builder do the heavy lifting for you!

Tell us more about API Builder offered by Qyrus and its use cases

Qyrus’ API Builder tool is a single-use agent (SUA) that we have developed to aid users when they want to mock or virtualize APIs for their testing purposes. With this SUA, we are able to provide a description of what kind of APIs we want mocked. The tool itself analyzes what we’ve input and from there will do the job for the user.

A user can put in something like “e-commerce store selling used and refurbished iOS and Android mobile devices” We would get back a list of APIs in both the Swagger JSON format as well as visually being able to see the API definitions. The user can then choose to download this and then upload it to the Qyrus platform in the Service Virtualization service.

Now that we’ve uncovered the inner workings of API building on Qyrus, let’s shift gears and explore its impact on the testing process. Tim and Adhi reveal how this innovative tool is revolutionizing API mocking, making it faster and easier than ever before.

What is this feature’s overall impact on the testing process?

The biggest benefit of this feature has to be with regard to how quickly it can build out these APIs for users to then mock on the Qyrus platform. Mocking APIs can be a tedious task in and of itself, and Qyrus already makes it easier for the user to mock these by themselves using the platform. However, we recognized that there can be an even quicker and easier way to do this, utilizing generative AI in the process. By just providing a description, our SUA can do all the heavy lifting while you can go get a coffee.

As we’re all aware, generative AI is making headway in virtually every field. With AI assistants at our doorstep and SUAs being developed left, right, and center to handle various tasks, Qyrus is stepping up to the AI plate itself and pushing its AI features even further and to the max. Be prepared to hear more from us on the AI front in the coming months.

We’ve explored how Qyrus’ API Builder is streamlining API mocking with generative AI, now let’s delve into how this feature can benefit testers, developers, and business technologists. Adhi and Tim shed light on the value this tool brings to different roles within organizations, from accelerating testing processes to simplifying API virtualization.

How might building an API on Qyrus help testers, developers, and business technologists? What value can this feature bring?

This is primarily a tool meant to be used by testers. During the testing process, sometimes certain APIs might not be finished with development, causing hold-ups and delays. These hold-ups and delays can sometimes be costly. The goal of Qyrus and this tool is to help you bypass that issue entirely. Testers can now quickly and easily virtualize these APIs and get on moving forward in the testing process with no hold-up or delay.

Furthermore, business analysts can also virtualize these APIs themselves because of how easy it is. They themselves can just as simply enter a description of the API or APIs that they want to mock, and it’ll soon appear right in front of them. And another thing to mention is that if any APIs that are part of the testing process happen to belong to a 3rd party, we can mock those as well to help avoid extra costs and hassle.

Before we delve into the impact of Qyrus’ API Builder on day-to-day operations, let’s take a moment to explore the competitive landscape. Tim and Adhi shed light on the existing alternatives and how Qyrus stands out among the competition with its seamless integration, generative AI, and user-friendly approach to API mocking and building an API.

Does the same or similar functionality exist without Qyrus, and how do competitors address similar problems?

There definitely are similar tools out there that can help assist users with building out and mocking APIs, but none are as seamless as the one you experience here on Qyrus. Everything with Qyrus is connected and intertwined. Easily generate these APIs, import them onto the platform, and watch them go live within minutes.

Without Qyrus, users would have to find a similar tool out there to mock these APIs. There are plenty of them out there, some free, and some not, and all of them are missing the fact that they are built with a testing platform attached and some do not utilize generative AI but rather require the user to provide all configurations and specifics.

How do you see this feature impacting day-to-day operations across organizations?

The biggest difference in terms of day-to-day would be the amount of time that we save users when it comes to, again, creating and mocking these APIs. This would free their time up to handle other important tasks. Not all testers and developers are created equal, and of course, that’s okay, but to some this task might take much longer when compared to other individuals. Complexity always plays a role, but with Qyrus’ API Builder that complexity is taken out of the equation, and the time differential is also removed. When it comes to API building, Qyrus takes the cake in terms of easiness and simplicity. It’s so easy, an intern can do it.

So, there you have it, folks! Qyrus’ API Builder is your new best friend in the testing world. Adhi and Tim have shown us the magic of quick-and-easy API mocking. As we dive deeper into the AI-driven testing era, Qyrus is the place to be for all your testing needs. This tool is a game-changer, empowering testers, developers, and business technologists to work smarter, not harder. Stay tuned for more API adventures from Qyrus!

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