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Feature Friday – How Qyrus’ Onboarding Materials Can Help You to Save Time and Resources

It can often be a struggle to purchase furniture. Have it shipped to your home or office in a large box with mounds of tape to cut through. Upon opening the box to your frustration, there are multiple layers of packing foam and other constructs. Finally organizing your parts, to your dismay, the manual is not in a known language or in often cases, there may not even be a manual. A rabbit whole many have encountered leading to endless hours looking for online instructions or assembly videos, the same frustrations are true for testing solutions. A solution is only as great as it is usable, and an often overlooked asset is proper documentation. Being able to jump onto a testing solution and see immediate value is essential, and leads us to this week’s Feature Friday, Qyrus’ onboarding materials. Suraj and Joyal will take a deeper dive into all the materials Qyrus provides to help users get immediate usage and return when first encountering the Qyrus platform.

Tell us more about the onboarding materials offered by Qyrus, their use cases, and their impact on testing and QA processes.  

Qyrus onboarding materials are hefty but none as important as our documentation page. We often see current and new clients navigating to docs.qyrus.com for any questions about our solutions. With detailed descriptions across all our action types, screenshots of the platform and examples, alongside a range of tutorial videos, the documentation page acts as a one stop shop to learn all Qyrus functionality.

And if this wasn’t enough all new Qyrus users are populated with a range of execution ready test scripts. So instead of starting with a blank slate, users have a range of projects to learn from and execute not only understanding the test building process but details on the Qyrus platform. For users who have recently come into automation, or just don’t know much about the Qyrus solution these resources become integral.

Does the same or similar functionality exist without Qyrus, and how do competitors address similar problems? 

As previously mentioned many competitors and general SAAS platforms provide documentation. The difference truly comes in the usage and digestion of that documentation. Reading through fifteen pages of usage and best practices to find a single relevant example to a desired use case is never fun. This is why Qyrus uses screenshots and quick clips to provide direct and digestible access to required information.

Exactly not only is there immense detail and information that is processed and presented the onboarding documents even include courses that clients can go through to master the different testing solutions. Fully developed e-learning courses, including worksheets and answer keys. This amount of detail and information placed behind the documentation and onboarding materials truly differentiates them.

What is the overall impact on the testing process when using Qyrus’ onboarding materials? 

Great question. We see a drastic impact with providing proper onboarding materials, primarily because it provides a central location for all required documentation and information to successfully use all aspects of Qyrus. Clients find more and more answers learning the documentation with hands-on videos and usage examples, making it even easier.

Exactly, this helps across the testing process but most importantly for new clients who are in the onboarding process. The documentation becomes an integral resource to build knowledge on the platform and all of its testing features and capabilities.

How might these unique onboarding materials help testers, developers, and business technologists? What value can this feature bring?

We see testers using the documentation and onboarding materials continually as a reference document. It not only teaches and provides one-time learning but also best practices and a dictionary for all action types with usage specifics. This level of detail and information across all features and solutions allows testers to learn all the corners and functionalities of the applications while using it, enabling efficient testing and high-quality application development using Qyrus.

Developers like to understand how the platform can test different aspects of their application. More of high-level thought, developers delve into whether functional and performance testing is available, different browser and device options, and other testing capabilities rather than use cases and action type specifics. As a reference point for different testing options and abilities, developers find confidence in being able to test aspects across their applications.

We often find business analysts using the tutorial course and videos to not only learn Qyrus but also more about testing and specifically automation. As a one-stop shop to understanding exactly how automation testing is implemented across different applications and specifically how to optimize the testing to produce the highest quality applications possible.

How do you see onboarding materials impacting day-to-day operations across organizations?

The documentation and other onboarding materials do help across day-to-day operations. Primarily speaking they are a primary point for direct assistance for all test builders. Everything from step-by-step details, action type information, testing offerings, and general automation can all be learned straight from documentation and onboarding materials.

Beyond that it is a great location to promote best script building and general testing practices. Whether you are versed in automation or entirely new to it, the onboarding materials Qyrus presents help you transition to full usage and get the most value out of Qyrus automation solutions.

The same reason you plan out every step of a camping trip, going through every required material, because actions become significantly more difficult without proper guidance or planning. And considering how integral applications are becoming to business prosperity should your testing solution be any different? This is why Qyrus provides a range of documentation, test scripts, courses and other learning materials. Making onboarding easier for clients allows Qyrus to produce value and begin the automation journey as soon as possible. Saving time and resources on learning and development Qyrus enables steadfast automation across all automation requirements. Join us next week as we continue to discover more Qyrus features that promote the best in test automation.

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