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Achieve 2X Mobile Testing Productivity with Qyrus Automation

Smartphone usage is on the rise globally, as are user expectations from mobile apps. Users want more from your app today, and the business wants it now. This is where reliance on custom test scripts proves expensive from a mobile testing productivity standpoint.

Next-gen mobile application automation testing solutions can seamlessly overcome all your process bottlenecks. For instance, AI-powered solutions like Qyrus’ codeless platform exponentially increase mobile testing productivity. Predictive form-led test step creation overcomes mobile testing challenges and reduces time to market. Enhance efficiency and save on man-hours with the Mobile Recorder feature.

Qyrus enables you to evaluate test coverage at a global level. Now cross-test milestones in half the time with our advanced mobile application automation testing features.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn about:

  • Low code/ no code capabilities that reduce mobile testing challenges
  • Increase in real-time mobile testing productivity using live devices
  • Faster test results with Qyrus’ Mobile Recorder Feature
  • Scalability with Mobile Application Automation Testing platforms

Effortlessly meet user expectations and business requirements with Qyrus’ end-to-end Mobile Testing solution. Contact us today for more on how your business can also improve Mobile Testing Productivity.

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