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Lunch & Learn: Real Device Testing Mastery

Topic: Navigating Success: Real Device Testing Mastery
Date: 18th January, 2024
Time: 11AM Eastern Time
Speaker: Adhiraj Pathak, Senior Consultant, Qyrus

Join us on January 18th, 2024, at 11 AM EST for an exclusive webinar that delves deep into the realm of Real Device Testing. In the ever-evolving landscape of software testing, mastering real device testing is the key to ensuring your applications thrive in diverse user environments.

Why Real Device Testing Matters?
In an era where digital experiences define success, ensuring your applications perform seamlessly across various devices is non-negotiable. Real Device Testing offers the authenticity and precision needed to guarantee a flawless user experience. Discover how it goes beyond simulated environments to provide insights that matter.

What’s in it for you?

  • Uncover the fundamentals that set real device testing apart in the testing landscape
  • Explore the significance of choosing the right testing devices for your applications
  • Understand how device diversity impacts your testing strategy
  • Demystify the advantages of leveraging a cloud device farm for testing
  • Discover how a free device farm can be a game-changer for small and growing teams

Listen this webinar and get an insight on the following:


  • An in-depth overview of Qyrus Device Farm, where we delve into the significance of Real Device Testing

Device Farm Capabilities in Qyrus

  • Accessing Real Devices: iOS and Android
  • Accessing Qyrus’s Browser Farm

Project Setup on Qyrus Device Farm

  • Creating and Managing Projects
  • Application Management: Uploading and Configuring Apps
  • Authentication and Integration Management

Running Tests on Qyrus Device Farm

  • Setting Up Manual Device Sessions
  • Configuring and Running Automated Tests
  • Utilizing Device Logs and Network Shaping for In-depth Analysis

Analyzing Test Results

  • Accessing and Interpreting Test Reports
  • Viewing Device Vitals for Performance Insights
  • Analyzing Logs, Screenshots, and Video for Comprehensive Understanding

Advanced Features in Qyrus Device Farm

  • Exploring Advanced Features like Biometrics Bypass and Element Explorer
  • Network Reshaping on Devices for Realistic Testing Environments

Collaboration and Efficiency

  • Integrating with Collaboration Tools like JIRA for Team Efficiency and Real Time Updates

Conclusion and Q&A

  • Summarizing Key Takeaways
  • Open Floor for Audience Questions and Interactive Discussion

Don’t miss this opportunity to navigate the path to success through Real Device Testing Mastery. Our expert will guide you through practical insights and actionable strategies to ensure your applications stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Speaker Bio:
Adhiraj Pathak is an energetic and passionate Senior Consultant at Qyrus, specializing in automated software testing for various enterprise clients. Adhiraj’s acumen in identifying defects and integrating the best features of Qyrus into client scripts sets him apart. Adhiraj’s enthusiastic approach, combined with his profound knowledge of software testing, makes him a valuable asset to both the team and clients, driving forward the standards of excellence in software quality and reliability.

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