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Lunch & Learn: Web Testing using Qyrus

Topic: Web Testing using Qyrus
Date: 22nd June 2023
Time: 12 pm Eastern Time


Timothy Miller, Platform Expert and Senior Consultant, Qyrus                                 

High-quality code, faster updates, and shorter development cycles are the norm for today’s Web testers. As if these aren’t enough, trends like shift left testing in SDLCs further increase these pressures.

Comprehensive Web application testing automation platforms are ideal to streamline all your testing needs. Adoption of these solutions is on the rise, with 80% of businesses expected to use AI-augmented testing tools by 2027.

With features right from predictive step building to parallel execution, website test automation delivers multiple benefits. Help your team achieve its time-to-market goals with codeless Web testing using Qyrus.

Watch this 15-minute Lunch and Learn Webinar on Web Testing for a quick overview of the latest website test automation possibilities.

This Webinar will help you understand how to:

  • Simplify testing with end-to-end Web application test automation
  • Optimize user experiences using performance testing
  • Expand testing coverage using Web application test automation
  • Stabilize Web application functionality using AI

Speaker Bio:

Tim Miller is a Platform Expert and Senior Consultant for Qyrus. He is a professional in the field of automated software testing and quality engineering. Tim has developed a deep understanding of various testing methodologies and frameworks. His passion for quality engineering is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to delivering robust and reliable software. With a strong analytical mindset, Tim excels in identifying potential defects and vulnerabilities in complex software systems.

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