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Parallel Testing Video: Increase Test Execution Speed by 40%

Parallel testing is an essential QA aspect, especially in the shift-left era. Yet, it can be an issue during functional testing, where manual script rebuilding translates to valuable manhours. In this parallel testing video, we demonstrate how your team can streamline these bottlenecks.

Legacy approaches that use simulators and emulators to check functionality create their own set of parallel testing challenges. The lack of real devices and browsers from different locations means that these non-scalable parallel testing methods limit coverage.

Automation of repetitive tasks is a force multiplier for software testers. This is where new-age solutions like Qyrus’ software test automation platform transform the meaning of parallel testing. Testing execution time reduction in the range of 40% is easily achievable using these tools.

Our parallel testing video demonstrates how you can benefit significantly from using the extended coverage from Qyrus. The use of real-world devices, browsers, and networks enables such USPs for our testing automation platform.

For instance, you can effortlessly create browser and device pools for every test case with Qyrus’ parallel testing tools. Scalable reuse of test cases, continuous automation, and robust reporting resolve all your parallel testing challenges.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn about:

  • Ways to increase parallel test execution speeds
  • Test efficiency improvements with parallel testing tools from Qyrus
  • Seamless reuse of scripts for simultaneous, parallel execution capabilities
  • Dynamic creation of device and browser pools for your top usage metrics
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