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QloudBridge Software Solution: A Look Up Close

QA professionals often have to juggle between the local system account and Qyrus’ cloud platform during test execution. Another alternative is to deploy these local apps, which present other difficulties. The new QloudBridge software solution resolves such issues by acting as a bridge between the local system and Qyrus’ cloud.

Testers can club the synergies of QloudBridge and Qyrus Connect to test apps on the local system account—directly from the Qyrus cloud. QloudBridge mitigates the need for app deployments and resolves local system account access issues.

QloudBridge streamlines a wide variety of app testing needs. These capabilities range right from API and mobile app testing, all the way up to desktop testing. Our software solution even supports testing for classic desktop applications built on technologies like VB 6.0, .NET, or Electron.

Features like Qyrus Inspector and Qyrus Recorder are an integral part of QloudBridge. Your testers can seamlessly generate values to create optimal tests with Qyrus Inspector. Take these to the next level with Qyrus Recorder for automated test building. Qyrus Recorder can also automatically import SAP recorder steps for SAP test execution in software testing.

In this session of The Qyrus Test-pert, join Punith Narayanan and Nishant Mehta to learn how to:

  • Leverage QloudBridge to test local apps on system user accounts without deployment
  • Club the synergies of QloudBridge and Qyrus Connect for diverse testing needs
  • Test classic desktop applications using the QloudBridge software solution
  • Utilize Qyrus Recorder features for test execution in software testing
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