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What is Parameterization in Testing – A quick lowdown

Test script reusability can be an immense boon or a challenge! This is where Qyrus’ innovative script parameterization features step in to optimize data-driven testing.

So, what is parameterization in testing? Parameterization is a data-driven testing methodology that simplifies life for QA teams. To start off, it first establishes parameters for a test script. Data-driven testing methods are then called in for efficient detection and addressal of potential issues after this step.

Parameterization empowers testers to write just one test for use in different scenarios and extract maximum coverage. This benefits the entire test build, execution, and reporting lifecycle. A case in point is the use of parameterization in Selenium.

The Qyrus platform adds a whole new dimension to parameterized testing with its possibilities. Qyrus introduces the power of collaboration to parameterized test builds. Its ease of use and intuitive UI gets even the most complex test environment up and running in no time.

Parameterized testing on Qyrus enables testers to create tables directly on the platform, which streamlines the overall process. These test data management capabilities set Qyrus apart from the competition.

Eliminate the need for specialized skillsets and cost-intensive manhours with Qyrus’ powerful parameterization features. Ensure end-to-end test coverage and simplify testing cycles with the Qyrus platform.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn about:

  • What is parameterization in testing?
  • Benefits of test script parameterization and data-driven testing
  • Auto generation of data tables using the Qyrus platform
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