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Why Qyrus? | Intuitive, codeless, and predictive solution for testing automation

In this discussion’s simplest form, we pose a question, “If there was a tsunami en route, are you positioned on the shore?” The days of garage launches and the necessity of brick and mortar are becoming lost to the sands of time. The Technological Era through its comfort and practicality has become a silent killer. With Victoria’s Secret, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gamestop, and Men’s Warehouse topping the list of chains permanently closing the most stores in 2020, the movement inland must come with swift technological adaptations.

But this concept in and of itself is both foreign and daunting to most. Meanwhile, noticeably forcing the hand of industry leaders, it becomes clear that the transformation is imminent but how to go about it is less transparent. With differing standards including new and pre-existing business management, transitioning to online or handheld effectively and efficiently often requires a large checkbook and developmental nightmares on the road to functionality. But as the times indicate the only alternative seems to be going under.

Importance of Automation is Software Testing

As in every proverbial dark tunnel, the developments in testing, specifically, automated testing technology, stands to be the light. Providing the ability to build test cases around individual elements, pages, and sites while storing and running them at your convenience, testing technology has taken the initiative in paving a simpler path through the development and deployment cycle. Build, test, save, repeat: a simple process that allows you to manage functionality with constant feedback, regulation, and iteration.

Qyrus – Benefits of an All-in-One Testing Platform

In this realm of testing technology lies the answer to the question, “Why Qyrus?” Qyrus is an inclusive platform providing Web, Mobile, API, Artificial Intelligence, and Infrastructure testing. With a business-first structure, Qyrus allows you to begin with web testing and transition through the platform with your business progression. Meaning as your business goes handheld so does Qyrus, providing you with comfort through the troubling tides of various development and deployment cycles. Hosting international device farms based with the addition of client-specific private instances, the platform provides power and security, but even more so a solid foundation that as your business scales your testing solution remains reliable and comprehensive.

Beyond comfort and business progression there stands an area that Qyrus has re-defined; the testing market. Qyrus’ “low-code, no-code” platform fused with a user-first interface allows full-scale tests to be built in minutes using a series of clicks. Reports immediately provide screenshots and video feedback of the live test upon run completion. But we didn’t stop there, with platform-specific features and AI such as Hawkeye, Healer, QyrusBot, Sage, and Rover behind the simplicity, Qyrus has the power to meet a wide range of testing requirements and needs increasing in levels of complexity. All placed behind a series of clicks, Qyrus has the power to map and record every click of your mobile application, the intuition to fix brittle and defective test scripts through AI implementation, and future additions including the use of Native language commands to build and test. As a field dominated by software developers and engineers, testing has now been simplified to the likes of high school students thanks to Qyrus.

The Future of Software Testing

The motion towards web and mobile applications was once inevitable but is now upon us. With the global number of mobile contactless payment users growing to 760 million, including roughly 30% of the North American population shifting to mobile wallets, it becomes as simple as following the money. But with the synergy of power and simplicity, and the streamlining of extensive test coverage attainable by professionals of any background, Qyrus simplifies the web and mobile transition, paving the path inward for businesses in wake of the eminent technological tidal wave.

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