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A laptop with a code editing software open on screen.
Feature Friday - Best Way to Capture the Performance Metrics of Your API Testing

Performance profiling metrics on Qyrus enable testers to get a more granular view of how their API or APIs perform over time.

Tim Miller
March 17, 2023
A person recording notes in a notebook while holding a mobile device.
Feb 10, 2023
Feature Friday - The Best Way to Enhance Your Manual Testing Methods With Qyrus

Although Qyrus is an automated testing platform, we do offer some simple manual testing to be done, as well. This can be done through our Device and Browser Farms in which we allow users to connect to devices such as Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets.

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Test Chatbots Vector Image
Feb 9, 2023
Test Chatbots Better - Use AI to Test AI

Qyrus and Techwell Webinar. In this session, we will talk about: 1. What is Chatbot Testing? 2. Challenges to AI Chatbot Testing? 3. How will Qyrus’ AI (SAGE) help in efficient Chatbot Testing? More importantly who can use SAGE?

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API Testing
Feb 6, 2023
API Testing: Fastest Way to Shift Left

In this e-book, we discuss the various API testing challenges that stop an organization from moving to shift left testing and how an automated approach to API testing helps address these challenges.

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The Qyrus Minute: Web Testing
Feb 6, 2023
The Qyrus Minute: Build Web Tests Faster with Qyrus’ Low/No Code Approach, Auto-suggest Feature and Test Recorder

Web testing is a crucial step in the development of any website. It ensures that the website functions correctly and meets the requirements of its users. By performing web testing, developers can identify and fix any issues with the website, resulting in a better user experience.

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An image of a steering wheel and the dashboard not in focus behind it.
Feb 3, 2023
Feature Friday - How New Dashboard Updates Can Improve Your Testing

Qyrus is an ever-evolving platform constantly looking to improve the lives and day-to-day of testers using it everywhere. We’re committed to keep improving to help you achieve your testing goals more efficiently.

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Four colleagues sitting together having a conversation.
Jan 27, 2023
Feature Friday - Discover the Benefits of End-To-End API Performance Testing

With Qyrus, we can check the functionality of each individual API, but with this we can also check that these APIs work together exactly as they should. Learn More

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Mobile Automation Illustration
Jan 25, 2023
Mobile Automation using Qyrus

In this testing webinar we will take you through Qyrus’ mobile testing platform in detail and talk about how automating mobile application testing provides a faster, more efficient testing process with a wider range of coverage and better test results.

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An aerial view of a cityscape at dusk.
Jan 20, 2023
Feature Friday - Recent Improvements That Will Make Your API Test Building Simpler

Improvements can help improve test coverage through a better user experience and a reduced amount of time taken to build out a process test. That means testers can cover more and at a faster pace.

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A mobile device sitting on a table with a white background and the word "Hello" written on it.
Jan 13, 2023
Feature Friday - How to Speed up Test Executions with Mobile Native Locators

Qyrus mobile testing now has support for 3 native locator strategies when users are building out their test scripts. There are two that are supported for iOS – class chain and predicate string – and one for Android.

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