Utilize codeless API application testing to improve product quality, increase development cycle efficiency, and expand test case coverage.
Comprehensively test API’s for desired functionality, performance, and dynamically transfer data between, testing end-to-end API processes.
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Enhance application quality and improve speed to market with codeless automated API testing

Simplify API testing without code by using logical assertions containing regular expression (regex) commands. With a form based taxonomy, easily loop through desired response parameters and add assertions to maximize test build efficiency and expand coverage.

  • Place assertions on API body, path, header, and further utilize the Qyrus schema generator to add API schema assertions as well, expanding test case coverage
  • Use automated API testing tools such as global variables, parameterization, and token management to reduce the time and effort required to build and run API tests
  • Develop REST, SOAP, and GraphQL API tests with just a few clicks (GRPC and MQTT coming soon) using Qyrus' API testing tools.
  • Import and reuse functional API’s, including response data, enabling seamless integration across your entire product development ecosystem
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Enhance user experience through comprehensive performance testing

Evaluate client side API capabilities against customizable time and thread constraints. Imitate varying levels of user traffic and interaction to ensure API integrity across a range of environments.

Access extensive reporting including real time errors to determine patterns between end-user requests and functionality highlighting an API’s responsiveness and performance metrics in real time.

  • Seamlessly import tests from Functional testing solution to reduce time and effort.
  • Simplify integrations enforcing a detailed focus on API performance.
  • Ensure smooth user processes by testing API functionality against adverse environments, confirming desired application effectiveness and efficiency, alongside user experience.
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Ensure end to end API functionality, optimizing business processes with automated API process testing 

Using our graphical interface, reuse functional API tests to create business processes by connecting multiple APIs together.

Reuse tests and assertions from your functional API tests to build processes quickly.

  • efficiently test business processes with third party applications, utilizing test building features such as global variables and parameterization
  • Utilize rich reporting including run time statistics, and comprehensive charting to better understand and optimize business processes
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Ensure the health and productivity of the building blocks of any application through API monitoring utilizing an automated API testing tool

Monitor the health and status of API’s by organizing them into collections with custom alert and response patterns, periodically testing the API’s for proper response values.

Receive detailed reporting including status codes, performance index metrics, response time metrics, violations, alongside visual graphs and reports to further analyze API responsiveness and functionality. 

  • Observe the behavior of your API’s individually and as a collection
  • Optimize API functionality to ensure overall application functionality
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Take a step left in development by mitigating delays due to inaccessible API’s

Utilize API virtualization to simulate the behavior of a desired API’s allowing development of extraneous application functionality ,such as user interface and integrations, when systems are not available.

Create extensive system functionality and responses behind a codeless, form functional framework, streamlining the creation and implementation of mock API’s during the development process.

  • Systems may be inaccessible for a range of reasons including security, performance or maintenance issues. Service virtualization mocks these systems to improve the efficiency of the development cycle.




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Reuse functional API tests to build comprehensive business processes to validate end-to-end functionality of the microservice layer  

  • Build functional, performance, and business process tests for your APIs with Qyrus' codeless API testing platform
  • Test the performance of APIs by enabling API testers to reuse functional API tests
  • Easily integrate functional, performance, and end-to-end testing with your CI pipelines to execute tests immediately after builds  
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Easily execute functional, performance, and end-to-end API tests  across multiple environments

  • Enable API developers to build tests quickly using Qyrus codeless platform to create functional, performance, and end-to-end tests all at once
  • Utilize Qyrus reports to compare executions from different builds and environments to validate changes
  • Parameterize functional, performance, and end-to-end tests to validate across many different scenarios and datasets enabling Qyrus' API automated testing
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Simplify validation of APIs in your application by using Qyrus to quickly build and execute functional, performance, and end-to-end tests.  

  • Validate end-to-end integrations with third parties ahead of time by mocking their systems with Qyrus service virtualization
  • Easily integrate functional, performance, and end-to-end testing with your CI pipelines to execute tests immediately after builds  
  • Utilize Qyrus reports to compare executions from different builds and environments to validate changes and monitor API strategy.
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“Likewise, Qyrus API testing enables us to test our endpoints across a variety of different scenarios to help pinpoint root cause defects and resolve issues. This plus Qyrus Web testing allows us to test end-to-end processes in an integrated fashion.”

Chief Technology Officer
A Leading UK Challenger Bank


Test faster, smarter, and more efficiently with an automated testing tool that seamlessly integrates with existing development and testing ecosystems. 

Qyrus has plugins with leading development tools for defect management, continuous integration, and team collaboration that enable business stakeholders to streamline Integrations and connectivity while maintaining prior workflows and business processes. By simplifying integrations, Qyrus' automation testing enables continuous delivery systems focused on improving quality, enhancing efficiency, and reducing time to market.

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May 20, 2022
Feature Friday - The Impact of Parameterization and Data Driven Testing Methodology

Parameterization makes testing easier through the use of data driven testing methodology. In this fashion, a user just has to write one script and parameterize it instead of writing multiple scripts. 

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May 13, 2022
Feature Friday - How Does Service Virtualization Help in Software Testing?

Service Virtualization is a feature that allows users to virtualize assets that may be required for testing, whether that be in an API test or an API requirement within an end to end business process.

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May 6, 2022
Feature Friday - Why You Should Start Using The Mobile Recorder Today

The mobility recorder allows you to build mobile test scripts quickly in an intuitive manner. Simply connect to an Android or iOS device, toggle recorder mode, and start interacting with the device.

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