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Getting AI Chatbot Right with Intent and Entity Testing

The rise in prominence of AI chatbots over traditional rule-based types is at an all-time high. For example, contact centers will save agent labor costs of $80 Billion using conversational AI by 2026. Similar usage trends are evident in other business verticals as well.

Conversational AI-based chatbots rely on machine learning and natural language processing to deliver optimal interactions. End-to-end technology enablement helps these bots overcome the flexibility limitations of other chatbot types.

Despite the all-pervasive power of AI, certain issues raise the need for checks and balances. For example, recently, generative AI has been mired in issues like accuracy, bias, and privacy concerns. And corporate AI chatbots can have no room for errors or ‘hallucination.’

Highly efficient automated testing of corporate AI chatbots must be an essential part of the development cycle. Our eBook will help you understand how to get the best results from AI chatbots using end-to-end technology for intent and entity testing.

Join us as we unravel different chatbot types, components, testing, and challenges. As part of this journey, you will understand the importance of terms like utterance, intent, and entity in AI chatbot technology. We have also thrown in use cases to demonstrate how you can test an AI chatbot’s intent and entity detection capability.

This eBook includes ways to leverage AI for testing with Qyrus’ Sage platform. Sage’s seamless integration with bot-building platforms simplifies chatbot testing and reduces turnaround times. Its intuitive interface, detailed insights, and loop closure mechanisms enable single-click AI model training options for developers.

Download this eBook to understand how you can:

  • Optimally test chatbots for implementation success
  • Extract intents and entities for ideal AI chatbot outcomes
  • Overcome challenges in intent and entity extraction.
  • Exploit the power of AI and automation for chatbot testing.
  • Simplify AI chatbot tests with the Sage testing platform.

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