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Mobile Automation using Qyrus

Mobile Automation Webinar

Topic: Mobile Automation using Qyrus

In this fast-paced digital world, mobile automation has become fairly complex and laborious, especially to an untrained eye. Moreover, to maintain the competitive edge, organizations strive to achieve the best combination of speed, quality and cost to get on top.

Utilizing a codeless, automated, AI and ML driven mobile testing platform can improve mobile automation testing quality while increasing efficiency and reducing time to market.

In this testing webinar, Suraj will take you through Qyrus’ mobile testing platform in detail and talk about how automating mobile application testing provides a faster, more efficient testing process with a wider range of coverage and better test results.

Watch this session to know:

  • Qyrus’ platform overview – Mobile Testing, API Testing, Web Testing and Business Process Testing
  • How to achieve full automation – Integrations and Foundations
  • Mobile testing demo in detail

Suraj Patel, Platform and Sales Engineer, Qyrus

Speaker Bio:
A platform expert with nearly half a decade of industry experience and a specificity towards developing and maintaining automated testing frameworks, Suraj Patel focuses on understanding and optimizing unique testing requirements through automation. Commanding a background in software development with gained experience across industry leading events and conferences, Suraj is passionate about the cutting edge of development and learning how to utilize different technologies to enhance the Quality Assurance lifecycle.

As he would say, reciting a quote by Godfrey Reggio, “It is not that we use technology, we live technology” and in the same light, Suraj is empowered to bring end users the smile they deserve by promoting high quality, functional applications through optimization of testing and quality assurance practices.

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