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Qyrus API Discovery: Accelerate API Testing with AI and No-Code

Date: 29th August 2023
Time: 12 PM Eastern Time

The ever-pervasive nature of APIs is an undisputed fact. Today, API calls make up more than 83% of online traffic. This makes end-to-end API testing a non-negotiable aspect.

From a testing perspective, such widespread usage makes it difficult to identify the considerable number of APIs running on a modern website. An even tougher challenge is to zero in on the interactions between APIs. The use of a comprehensive API discovery tool is a top priority due to such issues.

In this webinar, we explore how an advanced API discovery extension like Qyrus API Discovery increases test coverage using generative AI. API integration testing tools like Qyrus API Discovery go beyond recording API calls for a specific business use case. For example, the API discovery extension can clearly detail a specific API call’s purpose. It can also generate the API process, which delivers insights into an API’s dependencies. At the same time, Qyrus API Discovery intelligently ignores analytics and user monitoring calls.

Learn more about:

  • Strategies to overcome common API testing challenges in websites
  • Ways to streamline API tests with a generative AI-based API discovery tool
  • How an API discovery extension like Qyrus API Discovery strengthens UAT
  • How Qyrus API Discovery works alongside Qyrus Encapsulate

Ameet Deshpande
Senior Vice President, Product Engineering, Qyrus

Speaker Bio:
Ameet Deshpande is an Engineering generalist and a builder at heart with a focus on Quality Engineering, Product Engineering, Product Management, cross-functional team building, and Agile. He has been involved in many strategic initiatives at Qyrus and its clients and especially in Financial Services with primary experience in Quality Engineering, Cloud, SaaS, and AI. He was also involved in large-scale transformation programs as part of a consulting & architecture group within one of the top 10 Banks in the world.

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