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The Great Resignation: A New Imperative for Investment in Automation

What is “The Great Resignation”?

Before we even begin, let’s look at some fascinating numbers: a record number of 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021. Another 4.3 million Americans, or 2.9% of workers quit their jobs in December 2021 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, resignations in the tech industry increased by 4.5%.  

In the wake of the extraordinary crisis brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, a new trend is sweeping across labor markets worldwide.  This tidal wave of people quitting their jobs, which is being called the Great Resignation, is severely impairing business continuity forcing companies to rapidly adapt to more frequent and longer staffing shortages..  

Negative Business Impact and Burden on Brand Performance

A Gallup report estimates that even before the pandemic, employee turnover was costing businesses more than $1 trillion per year. With the Great Resignation, the cost of recruiting, on boarding, and training new employees has have soared unprecedentedly and impacts are being felt in other critical areas of operations as well.  

Customer Experience

The ramifications of the ‘big quit’ can be witnessed in multiple areas of customer experience, as staffing shortages often resulting in  poor customer service and inconsistent digital experiences. Organizations that have created new digital experiences overnight just to offset the lack of resources are now facing the heat from customers who are increasingly frustrated with challenging interactions and inconsistent customer journeys.  

With robust visual reporting including step by step screenshots and full length videos of test executions and your customer journey, discover how Qyrus test automation can play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience in a holistic manner here.  

Time to Market

However innovative a product may be, the failure to be first to market can provide competitors  a winning advantage. The ability to hit the market hard and first requires optimal utilization of resources in the entire production pipeline. Employee shortages can be a substantial impediment leaving companies with little choice but to either push inferior products to customers or suffer crippling delays.

Check out more insights on how Qyrus features such as in-sprint test automation and automatic test scheduling capabilities can help businesses achieve faster time to market without sacrificing quality.  

Cost Implications  

The cost of replacing an employee can range anywhere between 50 to 200 percent of their salary. To avoid these substantial costs and to plug the leak, robust retention programs are essential. Without them, companies risk losing their best people which can mean losing your effective leaders, persistent innovators, and effective problem solvers.  

While businesses will continue to rely on human intelligence, problem-solving skills, and tenacity, Qyrus test automation can assist businesses with more routine activities. Qyrus’ sophisticated recorders streamline test building for web and mobile applications ensuring your team can build more and build faster with fewer resources. Learn more!  

Innovation Gap

Innovation is not an act of serendipity but an outcome of knowledge and purpose by dedicated individuals or teams to create something enterprising. More often than not, common innovation goals are pushed down to employees without equipping them with necessary tools to implement the ideas. Organizations embarking on all-encompassing digital transformation must align their spending strategy not only towards adopting new technology but also on closing the digital talent gap, a prerequisite for innovation and digital transformation programs.  

A cloud based solution with browsers, Android, and iOS devices around the world, Qyrus provides on demand scalability with comprehensive codeless testing. Qyrus is an transformation ready platform that is bridging the innovation gap in software testing, enabling businesses to generate higher ROI in the short, and long run.  

Employee Skill Mismatch

Last but not least, people quitting their jobs is leading to an substantial skill shortage. Employees leaving in record numbers and leaves companies battling to find replacements while  having a negative impact on effective operations and the bottom line.  

Qyrus’ test automation and machine learning algorithms are a solution to address this employee skill mismatch. The codeless platform provides Healer AI to reduce maintenance for web and mobile automated tests as your application changes. Read this blog to learn more about how Qyrus offers a solution!

Why is Automation Your Safe Harbor?

As companies continue to face staffing issues, automation has become the area of focus once again. Automation does not remove humans from the picture, it only means solutions and tools that enable a better allocation of resources in key business functions. Qyrus is a simple solution that provides codeless automation for testing that can be used to augment the skills of an expert automation engineer or empower a manual tester to start automating.

A few benefits of automation with Qyrus include:

  1. It saves time and cost
  2. It standardizes processes and promotes scalability
  3. It empowers organizations with auditable records
  4. It enables a better customer experience
  5. It ensures better compliance  

Automation in Testing is a No Brainer

The crux of the matter is anything that can be automated, should be automated and that’s true for testing as well. If your company’is pushing new software releases in rapid succession, testing must rely more heavily on automation tools. Let’s just put it out there even if it is an uncomfortable truth, artificial intelligence and robots can help businesses accomplish many things faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than with people alone.    

Qyrus is a codeless, intuitive, and collaborative testing automation tool that deploys innovative AI and ML to augment human ingenuity. By leveraging the power of Qyrus, your development and testing teams will produce higher-quality products with minimal human intervention delivering an exceptional user experience with each rollout while boosting your team’s productivity and efficiency.  


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