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By the Numbers: The Hard ROI of API Testing Automation and APIs

As more enterprises leverage and monetize APIs, it has become increasingly critical to ensure that they are working at maximum efficiency. That is where Automated API testing comes in. Leveraging API testing automation platforms, such as the one Qyrus offers, has multiple benefits.

Improving Testing Outcomes with API Testing Automation 

  • Greater Speed 
  • Expanded Coverage 
  • Improved Quality  
  • Enhanced Security  
  • Deeper Collaboration 
  • Documented History of Testing and Test Evidence 
  • Ability to Compare Test Results Across Releases 
  • Increased Ability to Meet Delivery Deadlines 
  • Shorter Development Cycles 
  • Fewer Errors 
  • Improved Resource and Cost Efficiency 
  • Lower Upfront and Operating Costs

Discover how three companies generated significant benefits—across multiple dimensions—by capitalizing on Qyrus’ API testing automation platform.

Case 1

The Business and Its Challenge 

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, this bank specializes in savings and lending products. It handles over £6 billion in customer deposits and over £7 billion in loans, resulting in a complex business environment, utilizing a number of internal and customer‐facing platforms, which depend heavily on APIs

On average, the bank spent $400,000 a year on testing and over 2,500 manhours—but despite these investments, its testing objectives were not being met. Its challenges included less‐than‐optimal coverage of mobile applications, and tests related to newer browsers, devices, and operating systems. 

This resulted in a poorer customer experience for customers and employees and partners, which, in turn, gave rise to high customer churn. Operationally, too, the cost of its testing practices for APIs had a high price,, especially in terms of test efficiency and poor maintenance.

Success with Qyrus

The Qyrus team automated a range of tests including those related to Savings Account Activities, Customer Due Diligence, and the bank’s Onboarding Process. 

Soon the bank’s testing team began to witness benefits from a more rapid and robust feedback mechanism, underpinned by more visual and data‐driven reporting. The implementation of Qyrus’ solutions also resulted in broader test coverage, and increased efficiency with repeatable, recordable, and scalable tests. 

Within the first 12 months, the bank achieved a 200% return on its investment, prevented over 2,500 bugs from entering production, and lowered testing cost and effort by 75% and 85%, respectively. 

The testing platform also increased automation using CI/CD pipeline integrations, which ensured that tests could be executed immediately after every build, and that reports were generated directly within the CI/CD pipeline.

The Business  

  • UK-based bank that specializes in savings and lending products. Handles over £6 billion in customer deposits and over £7 billion in loans  
  • Location: The UK
  • Investment in Testing: $400,000 a year, +2,500 manhours

Winning with Qyrus  

  • 200% RoI in 12 months  
  • 75% Reduction in cost  
  • 85% Less effort  
  • 2,500+ bugs prevented from entering production

Case 2

The Business and Its Challenge

The Fortune 500 company was building two major applications: One that was customer‐facing and would schedule, track, and manage orders; and the other an internal business process solution. 

As development progressed, the number of API endpoints increased. This, combined with the organization’s manual testing processes resulted in a demand for additional testers, and tester time. It also limited test case coverage and introduced bugs and inconsistencies, which proved costly, and increased the company’s time‐to‐market. 

The client needed a solution to manage and automate testing APIs across multiple applications, guarantee application functionality, and ensure reporting was integrated into existing CI pipelines.

Success with Qyrus

The client turned to Qyrus to strategize and implement test automation for APIs

The client utilized API‐led workflows focused on dynamic data transfer and validation. A robust set of 4,500‐plus test scenarios were built in under four months, ensuring smooth data exchange across 80 enterprise applications, both on‐premises and in the cloud. The Qyrus platform validated over 400 endpoints— including SOAP and REST APIs—using unique, and randomly generated data to ensure application functionality across multiple scenarios and environments. 

By introducing reporting—including automated testing metrics—into testing environments, Qyrus enabled fast and easy identification of bugs and inconsistencies. This led to the discovery and resolution of defects, which were resulting in delays, causing timeouts and data mismanagement, and access and validation errors. 

As part of a shift‐left strategy, Qyrus supported aggressive release times with seamless integration to existing CI pipelines, enhancing application quality without compromising the stability of existing business processes. 

Qyrus’ AI‐powered test automation platform enhanced software quality across internal and customer‐facing applications, leading to improved field service monitoring, inventory and supply chain management, and logistics. 

With Qyrus, the client achieved a 10X increase in test case coverage, and a 40% increase in test execution speed. Now tests are executed on each build cycle and are triggered through a Jenkins pipeline, thanks to Qyrus’ native integration with Jenkins, and other major CI pipelines. 

The organization continued to expand its API testing capabilities with Qyrus to include another internal trucking application. It is also integrating Qyrus into Mobile and Web application testing stacks, enhancing driver and service center applications that leverage customized tablets. 

The Business

  • Fortune 500 leader in garbage collection, recycling pickup, and waste disposal services
  • Location: North America
  • Number of employees: 50,000+  
  • Revenue: $15.2 billion

Winning with Qyrus  

  • 10x increase in test coverage
  • 40% reduction in test execution time
  • 4,500 unique test cases created in under four months

Case 3

The Business and Its Challenge  

Over the last few years—accelerated by the pandemic—insurers have digitalized greater swathes of their businesses and continue to push their digital transformation agendas forward. This is especially true for customer-facing applications because consumers increasingly expect to be able to buy or renew insurance online quickly and frictionlessly. This necessitates a seamless onboarding experience, and the digitalization of complex underwriting processes, among other activities.  

With over $13 billion in revenue, this Fortune 500 (North America) leader in insurance, needed to bolster its testing practices so that it could introduce a steady stream of new features and products. But it was challenged by outdated manual testing processes, which delivered a one-two punch: Slow testing resulted in delayed releases, and poor test-building and efficiency also hurt test coverage.  

These challenges could potentially have a cascading effect on a number of business performance indicators including customer experience, policy renewals, and new sales.  

Success with Qyrus  

The insurer partnered with Qyrus to solve its testing challenges. By leveraging the Qyrus platform, it was able to increase testing speed, expand testing coverage, and lower testing costs.  

Within short order, the insurer’s testing group was able to create 50-plus automated test cases, testing 10 business services. More impressively, it could test over 90% of the scenarios. The Qyrus platform also enabled them to generate complex test cases in as little as 30 minutes, as well as shrink execution time by 90%. Today, its average test execution time is four minutes.  

Perhaps most importantly, it facilitated the migration of applications smoothly and improved its Customer-Insurance-Quote journey with rapid and comprehensive functionality and UX testing.  

It achieved these results and spent $40,000 less than it originally estimated. 

The Business  

  • Fortune 500 North American leader in insurance
  • Revenue: $13 billion  
  • Customers: 38 million
  • Employees: 10,000+  

Winning with Qyrus  

  • Swiftly created 50-plus automated test cases, testing 10 business services
  • Test coverage increased to over 90% of scenarios
  • Ability to generate complex test cases in just 30 minutes
  • Shrunk execution time by 90%
  • Spent $40,000 less than estimated

Modernize API Testing with Qyrus 

Qyrus offers codeless API application testing that improves product quality, increases development cycle efficiency, and expands test case coverage. 

With Qyrus API Testing Automation platform, enterprises can leverage service virtualization and execute functional, performance, and process tests as well as monitor the health and status of APIs.  

Qyrus can help your organization build tests more rapidly, while shrinking costs and execution time, and increasing both quality and coverage. Try it now! 

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