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Test Chatbots Better – Use AI to Test AI

Use AI to test AI

Topic: Test Chatbots Better – Use AI to Test AI
Date: 28th February 2023
Time: 12pm Eastern Time

Chatbots are great, but only when they function well.

It may have worked well for ChatGPT, but can’t say the same for Microsoft’s bot Tay who quickly turned to hate speech within just a day or CNN’s bot who had a hard time understanding the simple unsubscribe command.

Disasters happen, but we believe that such situations could have been avoided if they were tested well in the first place.

So here we bring you, Sage – a Conversational Testing Platform, the very first of its kind that provides the user (“a chatbot developer”) the ability to test their bot in a highly automated and regressive manner.

In short, using an AI to test another AI. Quite an irony, right?

Register for this webinar ‘Test Chatbots Better – Use AI to Test AI’, once again in collaboration with TechWell, a leader in software conferences covering Agile, DevOps, Test/QA, Requirements, and more.

In this session, we will talk about:

  • What is Chatbot Testing?
  • Challenges to AI Chatbot Testing?
  • How Qyrus’ AI (SAGE) helps inefficient Chatbot Testing? More importantly, who can use Sage?


Ameet Deshpande
Senior Vice President, Product Engineering, Qyrus

Speaker Bio:
Ameet Deshpande is an Engineering generalist and a builder at heart with a focus on Quality Engineering, Product Engineering, Product Management, cross-functional team building and Agile. He has been involved in many strategic initiatives at Qyrus and its clients and especially in Financial Services with primary experience in Quality Engineering, Cloud, SaaS, and AI. He was also involved in large-scale transformation programs as part of a consulting & architecture group within one of the top 10 Banks in the world.

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