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Why is Salesforce Testing the Key to Achieving Optimal Salesforce Value?

Salesforce helps organizations build strong customer relationships by ensuring that their marketing and sales activities are perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of their customers. The effective use of this CRM can help organizations find more prospects, close sales pipelines faster, acquire new customers, improve retention rates, and grow their business.

Every Salesforce deployment evolves to meet the requirements of an organization through a series of configurations and customizations. As a result, an organization will extend the capabilities of this tool or customize it to suit its specific needs. This CRM can also be integrated with other apps, databases, and APIs for organizations to benefit from a single source of truth for multiple processes.

Comprehensive Salesforce testing ensures these changes work per the given mandate and that any vulnerability is corrected before going live.

A Complex Beast
Salesforce is a complex application that can integrate with existing business applications that might be complex in themselves. This means two separate processes are streamlined for data enrichment and collaborative decision-making, e.g., Salesforce can use data from your SAP system. This is just a small example of what can be achieved with integration.

But, there is a problem. Such integration can change the underlying code and UI, create functional issues, and more. Testing helps proactively identify and correct such problems; not doing so would put the whole ecosystem at risk of errors and bugs.

One of the reasons why big businesses love Salesforce is its ability to create custom apps by leveraging the ever-growing ecosystem of pre-built components. The idea is to make the most of Salesforce functionalities and mold them in line with users’ needs. However, these apps must function smoothly within the existing Salesforce framework and not conflict with the environment.

You cannot trust lady luck to ensure this happens.

Even if you currently don’t have Salesforce customization requirements, the organization’s growth will demand that you create apps that address specific needs more aligned with the business workflow. When that happens, you want the Salesforce modifications to work seamlessly and deliver the value expected of them.

Improve Salesforce ROI from Testing
Think of an organization that needs to continuously make changes in its Salesforce environment with integrations and customizations. In this case, there is a need to build apps faster and deploy them quickly. Therefore, the testing needs to happen throughout the build process, addressing broken code quickly, effectively, and accurately. This accelerates deployment timelines and can directly impact productivity and efficiency, thus improving overall Salesforce performance and ROI.

Organizations adopting a focused testing approach for Salesforce are moving in the right direction, but many fall into the legacy trap wherein they depend on manual testing practices. This can result in errors and the need to invest a lot of time and effort in code maintenance.

The way forward is Salesforce codeless test automation that takes coding out of the equation while creating test scripts. It automates various repetitive testing tasks, irons out testing complexities, and improves testing coverage.

Optimizing Value with the Right Tool
Qyrus is a test automation platform that brings a simple, smart, and scalable way to test Salesforce deployments, thus speeding up testing and improving the efficiency of the testing process. Its codeless taxonomy-driven interface ensures that different Salesforce stakeholders without coding knowledge also test features, functionality, and the overall quality of the customizations before deployment.

Salesforce testing is the key to smoother, more efficient, and error-free project deployment. It ensures that the Salesforce environment with all its integrations and customizations works perfectly.

Qyrus offers comprehensive tools for test management and test data management with real-time integrated test reports, analytics, and meaningful insights. It helps you test the Salesforce process end-to-end and optimize the user experience. When this happens, the value your organization will derive from Salesforce will increase exponentially.

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