Testing is a rapidly changing industry critical to customer experience requiring businesses to constantly innovate.
Learn more about Qyrus’ testing solutions and industrial applications of testing alongside advancements in testing technology.
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Mobile Automation Illustration
Jan 25, 2023
Mobile Automation using Qyrus

In this testing webinar we will take you through Qyrus’ mobile testing platform in detail and talk about how automating mobile application testing provides a faster, more efficient testing process with a wider range of coverage and better test results.

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API Testing Illustration
Dec 23, 2022
Unlocking Business Value with ROI Driven API Testing

Qyrus and TechWell Webinar. Watch and learn: 1. Why companies don’t do API Testing? 2. Challenges of API Testing and how can Qyrus help to overcome them? 3. Key features and benefits of Qyrus Platform

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Webinar: Upgrading API Testing Practices
Nov 10, 2022
Upgrading API Testing Practices for Improved Testing Speed, Scale & Efficiency

We will discuss about: 1. What's driving API testing adoption? ; 2. Challenges to API testing; 3. Breaking new ground with Qyrus's API testing and much more...

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A ball in the middle of a ripple wave.
Jun 16, 2021
Leverage AI and ML to Make Testing Better, Faster, Smarter

This webinar features industry-leading analyst Diego Lo Giudice VP Principal Analysts from Forrester and, Ravi Sundaram Chief Strategy Officer, from Quinnox. They will share how AI-augmented testing can make digital teams faster and smarter.

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